Autumn clean up

Here is our selection of gardening accessories to help you clean-up this autumn and prepare your garden for winter and beyond.

Westland Autumn Lawn Feed and Mosskill
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Crunch time for lawns
It is easy to ignore your lawn in autumn, the grass grows more slowly and seems to demand less attention. However, good preparation this autumn will allow it to strengthen over the winter ready for next spring.
Autumn lawn feeds are specially formulated to strengthen grass and roots without encouraging strong top growth. Westland Autumn Lawn Feed also includes a moss killer. If you have a large lawn the 500 square metre bulk bags are excellent value and for smaller lawns the 100 square metre size spreader pack is the quick and easy way to treat your lawn.
Yeoman Lawn Reviver

Yeoman Lawn Reviver

Over summer grass becomes flattened and a thatch of dead grass and moss accumulates near the soil surface. Our next job is to use a spring-tined rake to scruff up the sward and pull out the thatch. This can be hard work and a roller scarifier like the Yeoman Lawn Reviver will make the job easier.
Do not despair if your lawn looks a little thin and patchy. Now is the time to over-seed to thicken up your sward. To help the seed take, and generally improve your lawn, top dress your lawn with Westland Lawn Dressing. Now sow the seed as recommended on the pack.
Grass grows all year and should be left a little longer in winter so raise the height of your mower and you’re not eccentric if you mow your lawn on Christmas day.
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Organic Garden Accessories

The Garden Tidy Bag

Back in July the Hillier Garden Centre managers were on a supplier visit and previewed Town & Country’s autumn ‘Organics’ offers. Usually a cautious lot, we instantly decided we wanted to offer you these promotions. Town & Country take the very ordinary gardening accessories we all need and add a little something extra. The ‘Organics’ range shares a coordinated colour theme and looks good. More important, they work well.
The ‘Organics’ range shares a coordinated colour theme and looks good. More important, they work well.
The Garden Tidy Bag is a large 87 litre self-supporting spring bag ready to accept all your garden debris. When not in use it compacts down to a flat disc for easy storage.
The 2 in 1 Kneeler has a padded cushion for comfort and sturdy metal sides to help you get up and down. Jobs from weeding borders to planting containers are made more comfortable and when the opportunity arises simply turn upside down and you have a rather fine seat.
We sell more secateurs than any other tool. Part of this is due to how easy they are to lose. The answer is this simple holster that fits any belt. The offer pack includes holster, secateurs and a very nice gardening knife.
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Reach for the heights

Yeoman Telescopic Tree Pruner

This Yeoman Telescopic Tree Pruner,

Pruning trees can be a tricky job. People feel uncertain which branches to remove and there is the problem of how you reach them. Most garden trees, of less than about 9 metres height, can be pruned without specialist help, if you have a good extending pruner. Well pruned trees will be more open and healthier and removing week branches reduces the risk of wind damage in winter storms.
Prune to retain shape and stop branches from crossing. Removing the crossing branches from inside a tree’s canopy normally produces a better looking tree and lets more light through to under-planting. Next remove damaged or diseased branches. By now you will have spent some time carefully looking at the shape of your tree and your confidence should be growing. Look to see if branches are overlapping or simply too low or unnecessary. You may decide to remove a few more branches, but do not get carried away, the tree will still be there next year.
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Soft, strong and very, very long

Yes, it must be Flexi-Tie your flexible gardening friend. Climbers and many other plants have spent the summer outgrowing their supports. Make sure they will stay where you want them by checking they have enough ties, while you are at it make sure no old ties are digging into the branches.
Flexi-Tie is plastic string in an unobtrusive brown colour. It is very strong and able to stretch to three or four times its original length. This makes it ideal for securing all types of plants to stakes, trellis, walls, other plants or just about anything.
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The ultimate patio brush

The Burgan & Ball Patio Brush
Looking at them in the stand it is easy to miss just how good this brush really is. I would have to admit to being a sceptic until trying it myself. The Burgan & Ball Patio Brush is perfect for cleaning gaps in paving. It makes light work of mud, moss and small weeds. Others are clearly more open-minded than I, as it has fast become one of our best selling tools.
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